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We are focused on providing superb services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction

– we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.We’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us Also, we have been one of the leading supplier of apple TV’s and similar products since 2010 and now we're offering even a better product (we do also still offer jailbroken apple tvs). We strive on making every customer happy and spend hours daily on our products to bring the best product to all of our customers.

Every customer that purchases from us is kept on an email list and we then provide them with new features, channels, updates etc. All of our customers have a peace of mind knowing their product they purchase from us will be fully supported by us and we will gladly do whatever we can to help. We offer a 1 year warranty.


The #2 rated box - MX6 / m8: - The mx6 is programmed to have free NHL Game center (we can't do it on the other m8 boxes) These boxes are $130 (very limited time and then price is going back up to $200) Mx6 - this is the best specs quad core box android boxes. We get these boxes made exclusively for us as each unit and outer box has our website on them. We order these in container loads of about 8000 pieces at a time..These are the ones that we highly recommend. They are a notch behind the 5 core boxes but not bad at all!

Our #3 rated box - OUYA / amazon fire tv - $160 -Ouya is cool product with a huge support team and over 10 million users. This is a very popular box (MX is a bit more popular). This is a quad core box that is very stable.

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Our different options and different boxes - we get asked a lot about cheaper quad boxes people are selling and so we stock a few but don't recommend them since they are not stable boxes at all and the video graphics doesn't display the smoothest picture
The #1 rated boxs is the M10 octa 5 core box. This has the absolute best specs in the market bringing the fastest, smoothest and best pictured box. This is for sure the Rolls Royce of boxes! We have a very limited time introduction sale on these for just $180 (we will soon be marking these up to $250).

It is also very fast, very clear picture and very stable. You get all the free tv contents and this also has tons of games. This products tries to compete with the ps4 and xbox. This is a great box and you can't go wrong with it but we give the edge to the mx6 for quad core boxes

Our #4 rated box - MX2 dual core- $90 -This is not a bad box. If you're looking for something cheaper than this is the best cheaper box to go. Everything works smooth but just HD movies will buffer This box has millions of users and tons of support and is very stable.

Our #5 rated box - mygica / Mini neo x 7 quad for $130 - This box uses the cheap china knock off chip and due to that will often factory restore meaning the jailbreak gets lost. when the box works, it works great but it comes with a lot of baggage and we don't recommend this box. This box is sold as is with no warranty from us, if it has to be re jailbroken, we will charge $50Our

We also stock jailbroken apple tv 2 - (this is definitely a good product but we still prefer the android. The price of this is higher than the mx6 only because it's discontinued and apple tv 2 are not hard to get but hands down the mx6 is much better)if you own your own apple tv 2, we can jailbreak it for $50

Picture quality on all the boxes are 1080. The amlogic boxes shoot out the clearest picture and sound.

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Our MX, M10 and OUYA boxes also act as a smart tv meaning that you would get a browser.

You can put a wireless mouse and keyboard in the box and access any website-Our MX and OUYA boxes also have airplay and so you can mirror stuff from your apple products. You do also have the option to put in an external hard drive or sd card and stream contents that way.Our MX and Ouya boxes plays full screen games in 3D smooth quality with it’s quad core Mali400 graphics processor. - With our Ouya or MX boxes You can stream movies from Netflix, youtube and more in Full HD.
MX and Ouya boxes automatically updates on its own. Our ouya and mx boxes also hae the google play store - Install apps from the Google Play Store. Web Browser (internet explorer or chrome) Email Connect to any IMAP/POP Mail service and read/write emails. Music Player on our MX and Ouya boxes google music player that supports many of the most popular music formats.
Below is four youtube links of this box in action (Sorry the video is not as clear as the real thing as it’s harder to make the video exactly the same when using a digital camera) In real, the videos and audio are really clear just like actual tv.
Also, I forgot to show in my video the local channels you get but you do also get local channels such as CBC, CTV, TSN, sports network, CNN, A/E and much more and all the live ppv events such as UFC, WWE etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

This seems to good to be true is it?
It is exactly what we state it is. We are not here in business to sell 1 box here and there. Our goal is to deliver a good product to a customer and then get more sales through word of mouth as that's what makes a successfull business.

How does it work?
Basically you just plug it into a tv using an HDMI cord and then connect to the internet (either through wifi or ethernet) and that's it. We do fully program the box as all the movies, sports, shows etc are all there already!

Do the shows, live sports, movies etc update on their own?
Yes, everything is updated automatically. All the sports are live, new movies, shows etc all get updated on a secondly basis.

Is there any updates the user has to do?
On average there is one about every 8 months. We do keep all of our customers on a email list and informed of updates. The updates are very easy to do as basically we just send you a file in which you then put on a sd card or usb stick, you then put the sd card/usb stick in the box and click apply update and that's it. We do offer free lifetime tech support and woud gladly help if ever needed.

Can I cancel my cable?
I don't see why not. This gives much more than a high end cable package would give and there is absolutely no fees ever. That's right, even free live PPV events such as a ufc event are all free!

How much does this cost?
There is just the 1 time fee of the purchase from us. We highly recommend our $180 option.

Where will this work?
This will work anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Can I use this on more than 1 tv?
This will work only on the tv it's connected to but it does connect using an HDMI cord and so it's easy to move around from 1 tv to another.

What else does this box do?
It pretty much turns your tv into a smart tv. Meaning you get a full working internet browser and you can put a keyboard/mouse in the box and conveniently browse the internet through your television. With the usb ports you can also put in an external hard drive and stream that way as well.

Whats better a Jailbroken Google Android box or Jailbroken Apple Tv box?

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Jailbroken Android Box is better then a Jailbroken Apple Tv 2

- Our Google Android box is a Quad Core Processor Box, While the Apple tv is Single Core. Its like 4 engines in a car as opposed to 1
- You get the Google play store as this is a cool thing that offers over 650,000 cool apps (please google this if you're not sure what it is)
- Xbmc (this is the feature that gives all the free channels) on our google Android box is much more faster, smooth and stable than on an apple TV because it has a faster processor and more internal memory, It's also using the best CPU chip out there the A9 (this is the same as what the iphone 5 uses).
- Our Android box also has more internal and external space than the apple tv.
- Our Android box picture quality is 1080P while the apple TVs is 780P.
- Also with our Android Google box you can access ANY website. With the apple TV a lot of websites were restricted and would not work. With our box you can plug in a wireless keyboard and mouse and have it working like a full pc as you can access any website such as facebook or whatever.
- Unlike most devices, our device can handle external HDDs, USB drives, SD cards up to 32GB and so you can watch movies or videos from those units instantly on the box.
- Our device plays full screen games in 3D smooth quality with it’s quad core Mali400 graphics processor.
- You can stream movies from Netflix, youtube and more in Full HD.
- Our Google Android box has 8GB RAM (unlike most others with a maximum of 2GB)!
- Our Google Android box automatically updates on its own. Where as Apple Tv you have to do regular updates which mess the jailbreak and can completely erase the jailbreak too!

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