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  The Process

"Many a small thing
  has been made large
by the right kind
of advertising."
- Mark Twain


The Principal has Principles

Ken Binney
  1. Our time is worth something, too.

  2. There may be such a thing as a free lunch, but don't forget to tip your waiter.

  3. We love to create without always charging for every little piece of our work.

  4. Feedback keeps us going.

  5. Rich clients are not beating down our doors.

  6. All take and no give only works for a little while.

  7. If you don't like something we're doing , consider doing it yourself.

  8. Don't expect us to ask for nothing in return.

  9. We are human.

  10. Half the world disagrees with us. The other half disagrees.

  11. Five years ago, the Internet was a different place.

  12. Don't expect us to do everything, all the time, anytime you want us to do it for you.

  13. We love you.

  14. Free is not always free.

  15. Think before you complain.

  16. We don't waste time; we give it to you.

  17. Without you, we'd be nothing.

  18. It just looks easy.

  19. Which do you value more? Our services or an Extra Value Meal?

  20. Spare time?

  21. We don't whine, we ask politely.

  22. Web space and Bandwidth are not free.

  23. Nobody forced you to use us.

  24. Negative feedback is not the same as constructive criticism.

  25. You'd be surprised at how much an electronic 'pat on the back' would brighten our day.

  26. We don't know everything.

  27. We need your respect and understanding.

  28. We still love you.

  29. Most of the time we operate without a budget.

  30. If you like us, tell a friend.

  31. If you hate us, tell us why.

  32. Sometimes we are too humble to ask you to do something for us.

  33. Weekends do not exist.

  34. We made a choice to do this, but we also have the right to change our minds.

  35. You don't get what you pay for... you get MORE..

  36. Personal life?

  37. We want to give you more.

  38. Our service is part of our spirit.

  39. We respect your advice, and can't always follow it.

  40. Assume nothing.

  41. Our business plan consists of one goal: be here tomorrow.

  42. If we ever raise our rates, we'll have good reason to do so.

  43. Even if we do raise our rates, you can go elsewhere

  44. We want to connect with people, not machines.

  45. Integrity means more to us than our bottom line.

  46. Don't expect us to bash our competition.

  47. Don't expect us to praise our competition

  48. The term 'IPO' is not in our vocabulary.

  49. If we have a published set of instructions or frequently asked questions, please read it.

  50. Sleep is a luxury.

  51. Most of us seek recognition, not fame.

  52. Offer suggestions, but try not to tell us how to do our job.

  53. Our character is sometimes the only thing we can count on; don't question it.

  54. Take us for granted and soon there will be nothing left to take.

  55. Making money is not always our goal.

  56. We remember those who help us with referrals.

  57. We remember those who do NOT help us.

  58. We like free stuff, too.

  59. Without us, you'd have to pay full price for everything.

  60. There's nothing wrong with reciprocation.

  61. This is a full-time job, whether we have another one or not.

  62. Ignore us and we'll go away.

  63. Don't confuse personality with ego.

  64. Most of us ride on the Clue train.

  65. Opinions aren't wrong.

  66. We'll always love you.
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