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  The Process

"Many a small thing
  has been made large
by the right kind
of advertising."
- Mark Twain
Most contemporary website pages are produced with great care and attention to detail. However, being subjected to repeated clicking and constant bombardment by cathode rays, they tend to deteriorate over time.

In order to maintain their graphic integrity, it is recommended that the following procedure be followed at least once every six months.
  1. Remove each page of your website from the monitor, being careful to handle it only by the edges to avoid pixel damage.
  2. Soak in a lukewarm, soapy solution for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not rub or scrub the page, or pixels may be shifted, resulting in serious disintegration of the images.
  3. Remove from bath and stand on edge to dry. Under no circumstance attempt to dry with a rag or lens tissue, and never subject to blow-drying, or permanent damage may result. If more than 5% of the pixels have been lost, contact your Webmaster to replace the page with a new one.
  4. Carefully replace cleaned page in monitor, taking special care not to touch the surface. Allow to set one hour before using. If pages need to be exchanged from one computer to another, they should be transported only in specially prepared HTML cases available at any computer or electronic supply store.

    Remember, web pages are the heart and soul of the Internet, and should be treated accordingly.

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