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  The Process

"Many a small thing
  has been made large
by the right kind
of advertising."
- Mark Twain

Can you afford to ignore millions of users ?

People use different browsers

Millions of people use something other than Internet Explorer when cruising the Internet.

Different Browsers Break Pages. If we don't check your pages under different browsers and computers combinations, you are potentially writing off business with anyone not using your specific computer configuration.

Why? Look at the picture below. This page looked fine under Internet Explorer, but a simple HTML error kept it from opening in another browser.

People use different computers.

PC's may dominate the market, but there are millions of people who use the Internet via a different platform. Apples still make up 12% of the market. Smart TV's and phones are also growing in popularity, especially among the elderly and disabled - two groups who are big consumers on the Internet.

Different Computers Break Pages. Compare the picture below - this is the same page as it displays on a PC and Mac.

 Same page as seen using Internet Explorer 4 on the Macintosh and PC
People use different versions of browsers.

Even different browser versions will display your pages differently. And newer versions aren't always better. In the case below, one browser version couldn't handle the DHTML even though another version of the same browser rendered the page perfectly.

People use different screen sizes.

A different screen size can dramatically change the way your page appears. The webmaster built the page below to look great on a 1024 x 768 screen size. Unfortunately the important map on the right of the page is off the screen when viewed on a smaller screen size.

 Same page on different screen resolutin sizes.

What to do?

Before publishing a Web page, that page must be checked on all the major browsers and computers. Failure to create a compatible Web page can cause visitors to leave your site - never to return.

We check major browser, computer and portable combinations.

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