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  The Process

"Many a small thing
  has been made large
by the right kind
of advertising."
- Mark Twain


Site Development Process

and Payment Schedule

Phase Phase 1
  • ODG consultant(s) meet with prospective client to discuss online business needs.
  • Conducts web style survey and assesses needs.
  • Gains valuable insight into client's desire and discusses site budget and time constraints. A basic introduction and the start of the business relationship.
  • ODG consultant(s) discuss project with project manager and assess client needs.

Phase Phase 2

  • Second meeting with client. Client is presented with flow chart of how site would be organized. Client is given an estimated cost quote for project based on basic package plus add-ons.
  • Once estimated pricing is established, client may be given a contract to sign for services. If changes are desired, client is informed of any new costs and any contract would be modified for signature.
  • Colors and basic site layout are discussed in depth to prepare for mock site designs.
  • Client remits initial payment of $500.00 to begin work on 2 mock layouts. (If Additional mock layouts are desired, cost is $250.00 each). If contract requires modification, development commences when signed contract and payment is received. All payments received are considered deposits toward final actual price.


  • Third interaction with client if necessary (may be conducted via internet presentations). Client is presented with mock layouts of site. Changes and ideas are discussed. General navigation and functionality of site will be discussed once again with emphasis on how it fits into mock layouts.
  • Any changes are made to mock layouts and again presented to client for approval. Client or authorized agent's email approval is required.
  • Client is presented with URL of fully functioning main page and any secondary pages to demonstrate feel and navigation of site.
  • Client approval is again required, and a second payment of 50 percent of remaining site cost estimate may be due.

Phase Phase 4

  • Development of site is performed, with client spot checks as necessary and strictly according to client specifications. NO changes will be made without written approval from client or authorized agent.
  • Site URL is given to client for final inspection. Any reasonable changes will be made at this time.


  • Balance of actual site cost (adjusted for changes) will be invoiced when site is complete.


Charges for Content Development, Website Hosting and Domain Name Registrations are each billed separately.
Payment amounts will be applied first to satisfy invoices for Content Development. Remaining amounts will then be credited toward annual third-party charges for Hosting and Registrations.

The initial deposit is non-refundable once work commences. Domain names purchased by ODG, and all website content remain the property of Ossining Design Guild and we reserve the right to suspend all services while any outstanding balance remains unpaid for 10 days or longer.

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