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  The Process

"Many a small thing
  has been made large
by the right kind
of advertising."
- Mark Twain


Three Tried-and-True Website Hosting Plans

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▼ Most Popular ▼
Deluxe Linux Hosting
$199 per year
Static Web Pages
Moderately accessed sites
Most economical server space
Windows Hosting
$250 per year.

Dynamic content
Heavily accessed sites
Dedicated server in rack
Virtual Private Server
$29.70 - $41.60 - $67.95/ month.

Mission critical business applications

Our Certified Network Engineers manage a state-of-the-art datacenter, creating a stable and secure environment for your online business. Don't put your website in the hands of the unknown. We know your site is critical to your business and offers high performing servers using the latest technologies and network design. You can depend on our high standards of operation to provide the reliable and steadfast website hosting that matters to you.

Our advanced datacenter capabilities:

  • Reliability

    • Dual independent power grid
    • Fully redundant power and HVAC
    • Seismically braced cabinets and racks
    • Constant temperature and humidity monitoring
    • Fire-threat detection and suppression
  • Security & Flexibility

    • Locking cabinets, cages and suites
    • Secured data center access 24x7
    • Critical and Video monitoring 24x7
    • Immune to typical failure conditions
    • Flexible space option, scalable for growth
  • Redundancy & Backups

    • Full network redundancy
    • Data backups
    • Reliable data storage
  • Design & Engineering

    • Advanced data centers created and designed by technical experts
    • Multi-homed, redundant network featuring Tier-1 Gigabit and OCx Internet connections
    • Best-in-class router, server, and firewall equipment
    • Ongoing network optimization
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