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  The Process

"Many a small thing
  has been made large
by the right kind
of advertising."
- Mark Twain
Our Anti-Spamming Policy        

Our tolerance for spam is absolute zero! Using our mail servers to send unsolicited commercial email is a violation of our Terms of Service.

You place us at great risk when a mail recipient complains about a message you have sent.
A single complaint can place our server IP address on what is known as a blackhole list.

This results in the BLOCKING OF ALL EMAIL being sent from ALL DOMAINS on this server, Once your emails cause our server to be listed, ALL of our customers will instantly lose their email service. It is nearly impossible to get ourselves off the list, even after we cancel your service

See Email Reputation Services for more information. If you wish, you can look up our Email Reputation by clicking on the "IP Reputation" link and entering our IP Address:

You must familiarize yourself with federal anti-spam legislation. Compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is required by January 1, 2004. It focuses on an opt-out approach to commercial e-mail messages. It prohibits deceptive headings, using e-mail addresses obtained wrongfully, requires senders to have a working unsubscribe system, assesses liability on both spam senders and those who benefit from the products they promote, and criminalizes sexually-oriented e-mails without clear markings.

1. ODG reserves the right to charge $500 per complaint to investigate each incident.

2. ODG will not deal with any other parties. If you are our customer, we expect you to deal with spam from, or advertising for your website(s).

3. If we get a first complaint, forward it on to you, and don't receive a response indicating the complete resolution of the complaint within 24 hours, we may blackhole the IP address range involved in the spam complaint until we are convinced that the problem is resolved. In particular, we are concerned with spam that not only originates from your website, but also those that advertise your website(s).

4. If we get repeat complaints and it is clear that the problem has not been resolved, we may blackhole the website(s) involved in the spam complaint until we are convinced that the problem is resolved. If so, we will contact you as soon as is feasible.

5. We reserve the right, per this document which constitutes part of our contract with you, to blackhole your website(s) involved in spam or Denial-of-Service complaints if it is clear that the offending activity is causing great harm to parties on the Internet. In particular, if open relays are on your network, or if denial of service attacks are originating from your network. In certain rare cases, we may have to do this before attempting to contact you. If we do this, we will contact you as soon as is feasible.

NOTE: The MAPS RBL is used by ODG to help reduce the amount of spam received by customers. ODG cannot remove you, your customers, or remote sites from the RBL. Please contact the RBL workers at [email protected] with RBL-related questions.

What does this mean to you?

1. You must provide us with, and keep current, good contact information for you. E-mail and cell phones are best, but we will attempt contact via pager as well.

2. You must educate yourself about spam so that it does not become a problem for you, or in turn, for us.

3. You must promptly investigate and deal with any spam or other abuse complaints that are forwarded to you. Why such an aggressive Policy? Itís simple. ODG feels strongly that the usability of the Internet is dependent on the elimination of UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) from the mailboxes and newsgroups of both casual and heavy Internet users.


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