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  The Process

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Publishing with WS_FTP (Windows)

WS_FTP is a popular FTP client for Windows that we support. If you do not have the latest version of WS_FTP, it can be found here. A popular free FTP program is Filezilla which can be found here.

Note: The following instructions are for WS_FTP Limited Edition only. Users of WS_FTP Pro (or any other FTP client) should refer to their FTP software's documentation to learn how to upload Web Pages. If you are behind a firewall, you may need to check with your network administrator for instructions on how to connect.

To upload your Web pages and images using the WS_FTP program for Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the WS_FTP software program.

  2. To set up a session profile, click the New button.

  3. Change the General information for your connection.
    You may use any name for Profile Name.
    Type in the Host Name/Address box.
    The Host Type should be set to Automatic Detect.
    Under UserID, enter site administratorname#fulldomain name.
    Under Password, enter your password.

    If you are unsure what your UserID or Password are, call us at 914-941-3616 or refer to the Welcome Letter you received from us.

    In most cases, you can leave the other entries alone. Be sure to click Apply when you are finished.

    Changing the Session Properties

  4. Click the OK button to establish an FTP session with your site.

    A connection to a Remote System

  5. In the right-hand window, double-click on home, then httpd and finally the html directory.

  6. In the left-hand window, select the folder and the name of the file you wish to upload, and click the right-arrow button in the middle column of the FTP window. WS_FTP will begin to upload your file. If you do not see your new file in the right-hand window after uploading, click the Refresh button.

    After navigating to the desired folders on your computer (left window) and on our server (right pane), you can use the Startup tab tospecify the home,httpd and html directories that WS_FTP will start in each time to open it.

When sending files, it's important to make sure you've selected the correct transfer mode for your file. The mode can be selected from the three radio buttons on the main panel.

If You Are uploading Choose
GIFs and JPEGs Binary
Perl and C code (text files) ASCII
QuickTime Movies Binary

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